My secrets! 

I was looking at Smiler the other day who is 13 weeks old nearly and wondered what babies might tell us if they could. Here are some ideas!

Dear Mummy,

I’ve seen you worried about how you are getting on as a mum, taking everything in and wondering whether you are doing a good job. Let me tell you, you are. I know there is lots of advice out there so I thought I’d share mine. Here are my secrets!

You are enough. You are doing a wonderful job and I love you very much.

Your body is stunning. I’ve seen you checking in the mirror and worrying about what to wear since I came along. Your body created me and continues to nurture me either with milk, cuddles or fun times as I begin to be on the move. You look amazing to me because your smile makes me happy and your arms keep me safe.

If you enjoy taking me to a baby class or two and I enjoy them that’s fantastic but don’t feel a pressure to be doing everything. Even if I can’t clap in time, do a Demi plié, swim and do yoga by the time I’m 2, I will most probably still grow up into a decent human being. I have a whole life of learning ahead of me so the main thing at the minute is that I play and enjoy myself.

Don’t Google. I’ve heard that there is an enormous amount of information out there for you to check out but if you google something about me you will probably be presented with theories you never knew about, worrying statistics and worst case scenarios. Speak to another mum, your mum or a health professional instead. If it’s a medical condition and you want some general information, go to NHS choices and type it in there and if you are really worried, call your doctors or advice line.

I’ve also heard there are mummy wars about things like what to give me to drink/eat, where I should sleep, what nappies should go on my cute bum and whether I should have a dummy or not. Don’t worry too much, the advice changes so often and you need to work out what works for me, you and our family. That’s what will keep you well. Your instincts are better than you think, trust them.

Wondering how to play with me? I promise you it doesn’t need to be complex, expensive or off Pinterest. Get some pots and pans out for me to bash or roll a ball with me back and forth or let me lead with some toys you’ve put out in front of me.

Wondering how to talk to me? Just chat! Tell me about your day, sing to me or practice what you need to say in that work presentation. Hearing your voice is what I need and I love to sit and ‘chat’ in my own way with you.

I hate to say it but I am probably not as fond as routine as you would like me to be! Some routine is really good for me but don’t get too stressed about it. I will be changing on a daily, weekly, monthly basis at the beginning so you might get more stressed trying to get me to stick to your routine.

Talk to other mummies. I don’t mind if you say that having me is really hard work or that you are exhausted because I decided that 4:45am was party time. You are facing the biggest change of your life so share your ups and downs with some others. They will appreciate your honesty and you’ll feel better for saying it. Don’t suffer alone.

Please don’t compare me to my other baby friends. I am an individual, I will roll, crawl, chat and walk but I will do it in my own time and in my own style! If you are worried that I’m not doing something when I should, ask your health visitor!

When I cry and you come to me, I know I am loved. What you smile at me, I know I am loved. When you cuddle me in the middle of the morning, afternoon or night I know I am loved. Please don’t run yourself into the ground trying to be super mum because to me your are more than enough. Love you mummy.

from your beautiful baby girl x


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10 thoughts on “My secrets! 

  1. Aw I bet that’s exactly what she’s thinking. When my boy looks at me, I feel so much love from him, like I am his world, and that is all that matters 🙂 Sabrina xx

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  2. Great post that I’m sure will get us all thinking! so important to remember those things too. Enjoy every minute 🙂 Thanks for sharing #TheList

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