My secrets! 

I was looking at Smiler the other day who is 13 weeks old nearly and wondered what babies might tell us if they could. Here are some ideas!

Dear Mummy,

I’ve seen you worried about how you are getting on as a mum, taking everything in and wondering whether you are doing a good job. Let me tell you, you are. I know there is lots of advice out there so I thought I’d share mine. Here are my secrets!

You are enough. You are doing a wonderful job and I love you very much.

Your body is stunning. I’ve seen you checking in the mirror and worrying about what to wear since I came along. Your body created me and continues to nurture me either with milk, cuddles or fun times as I begin to be on the move. You look amazing to me because your smile makes me happy and your arms keep me safe.

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I had no idea what to say….. 

How often do we feel like this? How often do we worry about saying the wrong thing so just don’t say anything? There are some great blogs written about what not to say to new mums and particularly those with PND. These are often hilarious and brilliantly put together so rather than duplicate those I thought I’d write about what is good to say. Through my own experience I have learnt that words are so powerful and when you feel so unsure as many mums do about your ability in a new role, words hold even more power.

Often the phrase if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all is thrown around but we all know nice is a word that means very little. I think this should be if you don’t have anything kind, real and thought through to say don’t say anything, instead LISTEN! Leave room for them to speak and if they can’t speak then sit with them. Be with them in their pain. This sounds quite scary but for me the times when people have done this with me have been some of the most comforting and precious times.

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