The Jolt

Good days, that wonderful feeling of good days, when your head feels clear, you can process information, you don’t feel like you might cry if someone brushes past you or is too nice, you feel pro-active and ready for the world. These days are amazing, for some people reading these, days like this will be few and far between, don’t panic you will get better.

I am always grateful for these days but what about that first bad day after a few (or even just one) of these good days? I’m going to call it ‘The Jolt’ day. The day after a few good days, weeks or however long when you wake up and feel like crap. When your head is fuzzy, you feel like you can’t face the day and you are reminded that in fact that depression has not fully gone. You are jolted back to the reality that your mental health is not as good as it could be. The jolt that reminds you that you are still on the journey to recovery.

I’m going to just say it, out of almost everything, I find the jolt days are one of the hardest things about my PND. Once the first tough day is done, I can often take stock, rationalise etc but for that day I’m crushed.

Last week I had a jolt day followed by two really hard days. I was reminded of just how horrid PND is after a period of pretty decent mental health. I couldn’t believe it was back, why can’t I just be well? Is it just me that finds those days so hard?

I need a survival kit! What can we do/think to help make those days more bearable? Can you help?

Currently the main thing I try and remember I must be improving because there was a time when the bad days were all the days and that’s not the case now. Any more ideas? Tweet your ideas for surviving the Jolt days using #thejolt.


One thought on “The Jolt

  1. Hi 🙂
    I see your post was from June but it is a great post – the way you describe jolt days is very insightful – I never thought of it like that before, but now you’ve described it I recognise it in myself. Great to step back and see it isn’t ourselves or anything we have done ‘wrong’ it is a day to collect all the coping mechanisms we have learnt and use them to help.
    Ie I try to remember to switch into ‘survival mode’ ( once I recognise it is not that I’m rubbish or lazy or a failure! I’m just having an off day mentally). For me it is being kind to myself, have time in quiet room on my own, keeping still, trying not to think or solve any problems, closing my eyes and listening to music or watching TV, ignoring the housework, using lavendar, eating chocolate or bananas all help a little xx
    Love your blog 🙂


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